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Who we are

Matéria Crua arises from the perception of the exponential growth of the municipality of Lisbon, which brings with it several adjacent problems but also opportunities for expanding the area of ​​influence to the various surrounding areas of Greater Lisbon. At Matéria Crua we aim to have a positive influence on finding solutions for the decentralization of culture in Lisbon as a promoter of a commercial and cultural project with social and environmental aspects.

Our values ​​as a promoter of this urban space are based on the human being’s relationship with the arts and with nature, the commitment to sustainability and the local community as well as the cross-pollination of knowledge between the community that shares the same vision. Through a proactive, constructive and conscious attitude, we intend to assume ourselves as an innovative multipurpose urban space open to beneficial initiatives for the community.

The project includes different initiatives with the main focus on promoting local artists and artisans, creating spaces for culture and leisure, for workshops and creative gatherings. It intends to provide the public with contact with the most diverse artistic areas by providing events and platforms that promote greater involvement of the youth in civil society, offering a meeting place for the exchange of ideas and knowledge.